Kiss Necklace - Citrine

Yellow Gold Vermeil
18K Black Rhodium Vermeil
Rose Gold Vermeil

This classy necklace is perfect for every occasion. Available with an 18K Black Rhodium, Yellow Gold (shown), or Rose Gold plated Italian diamond cut chain necklace with a Double Terminated Citrine pendant.

The diamond cut chain adds a touch of sparkle and you customize the look by choosing a pendant that matches you. Other pendant options are: Labradorite Lotus, Oval Labradorite Cabochon, Ox Bone Horns, Jasper Agate Arrowhead, Mako Shark Tooth, Tiny Gold Daggers (2" long), Black Obsidian Arrowhead, Dagger and Pearl (2" dagger and fresh water pearl) and Crystal Quartz Point.

Available in your choice of length: 18", 20", 24", or 30" 

Handmade in California. 


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