Affiliate FAQs

 Why was my application declined?


Reasons for a Decline

  1. You have the word coupon, deal, discount, promo, voucher, or any other variation in your domain and we only work with a very small group of coupon sites.
  2. Regardless of the domain, the site listed in your description is a coupon site, using the same simple template as thousands of others.
  3. Your site lacks relevancy to our products and you didn’t submit an action plan. 
  4. Your profile has negative feedback, indicating that like-minded managers have not been pleased with your promotions.
  5. We tried to visit your site and it didn’t work or has no content.
  6. Violation of Terms of Service: paid search trademark poaching, toolbar, adware, fake coupons, fraud, inappropriate content or finding a loophole to cheat other affiliates or the merchant out of commissions.
  7. If you join the program and try to bargain for an SEO link back to your site in exchange for promotions.
  8. We reserve the right to terminate our relationship at any given point. But we will only leave negative feedback or reverse transactions if you clearly violate our terms of service as described in number 6 above.

Reasons for an Approval

Here are some simple steps you can do right now to window-dress your application and description. Remember, of course, that honesty is key.

  1. Apply to programs that are relevant to the sites you manage. If you only have one site and it specializes in camping gear, don’t apply to a program that sells music boxes.
  2. If you have multiple sites, add them to your profile and make sure they are linked properly so the manager can view them with one click.
  3. Address any negative feedback on your profile. Be honest. Don’t say it was an accident. We know better. Tell us how you have changed.
  4. Present a finished product. Content sites with a stated purpose have a better chance than others these days, if you follow rule number 1.

The reasons above should answer your question but if you firmly believe you can add value to our program as an affiliate, feel free to send us an email.