Custom cut gemstones and natural artifacts contribute to the refined elegant Heather Hawkins brand. Heather and her team source the most vibrant gemstones from around the world then create each piece by incorporating interesting shapes and objects such as daggers, evil eyes, geometrics, sharks teeth, hearts & tusks. Designs are a balance of statement pieces and those meant to be worn delicately or layered for a more dramatic effect. The blend of rough cut stones, crystals, metals and crossover of aesthetics appeals to a woman with more sophisticated taste to someone that likes cutting edge designs. There is a piece for every woman to love in this jewelry collection.

Yellow gold is the dominant metal for this brand however sterling silver, rose gold and black rhodium are also available. The natural beauty of the elements creates a personal piece of art for each and every woman to have and enjoy. The goal is to stay ahead of the trends in a refined yet elegant manner.

From bohemian edge to uptown chic custom design options provide a kid in a candy store experience online and in the hundreds of boutiques where Heather Hawkins Jewelry is available. In a sea of semi-precious gemstones Heather designs every piece of jewelry from her studio in San Diego, California. She believes that keeping her brand USA based is vital to high quality standards and success.

Heather has dual degrees in Fine Arts and Business from the College of Charleston. With her knowledge, Heather launched The Heather Hawkins brand originally in 2001 as a handbag and belt brand. After about ten years, Hawkins began to focus primarily on jewelry. Since then, the expansion of the Heather Hawkins brand has increased exponentially. Celebrity sightings are frequent; Heather Hawkins Jewelry can be spotted on TV, online and in leading fashion magazines and blogs.

"I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love, which is to create beautiful items that my clients can use, admire, and enjoy for years to come.”

-- Heather Hawkins